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Ovis aries is a quadruped, ruminant, usually raised as livestock. Like all ruminants, sheep are a member of the cloven hoofed group. Although the name "sheep" is applicable to many species of sheep, it almost always refers to sheep in daily use. The number of domestic sheep is a little over one billion, which is also the largest. Adult female sheep are called ewes (/ ju? /), complete rams are called rams, occasionally tups, cut rams are called weters, and young sheep are called lambs.

Sheep are most likely to come from wild Argali in Europe and Asia. Sheep is one of the earliest domesticated animals used for agricultural purposes. They are raised as wool, meat (mutton, pig or mutton) and milk. Sheep hair is the most widely used animal fiber, which is usually harvested by shearing. The mutton of small animals is called mutton, and the mutton of large animals is called mutton. Today, sheep are still important in wool and meat, and are occasionally used as fur, dairy animals or scientific model organisms.

Sheep farming is practised in most places where people live around the world, which is crucial for many civilizations. In modern times, Australia, New Zealand, central and southern South American countries as well as the British Isles are most closely related to sheep production.