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Domestic pigeon is derived from the original pigeon. The pigeon is the oldest poultry in the world. Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets refer to pigeon domestication 5000 years ago, as do Egyptian hieroglyphs. Studies have shown that pigeon domestication took place as early as 10000 years ago.

Pigeons have made an important contribution to mankind, especially in the war time. In the war, pigeon's messenger ability has become a messenger. The so-called war pigeons convey many important messages, some of which are decorated for their service. Croix de Guerre for Cher AMI and Dickin for G.I. pigeons. 32 pigeons, including Joe and paddy, won awards for their contributions to saving human lives.

The breeding mode of domestic pigeon is similar to that of wild pigeon. Usually, humans choose breeding partners. Crop milk produced by poultry parents can sometimes be replaced by artificial substitutes. Pigeons have a strong protective effect on eggs. In some cases, pigeons will do their best to protect the production of eggs. As we all know, pigeons will revenge those who interfere with the production of eggs. Pigeons are called Screamers or dwarfs.

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