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Cheetahs are big cats of felinae subfamily, mainly occurring in eastern and southern Africa and parts of Iran. Cheetahs are the only surviving members of the genus cheetah, first described by Johann Christian Daniel von Schreber in 1775. Cheetahs are characterized by long and thin bodies, deep chests, spotted coats, small round heads, and black tear like stripes. Face, long and thin legs and long spotted tail. It's light and slim, in sharp contrast to the strong body of a large cat, making it more similar to a cougar. Cheetahs reach nearly 70 to 90 centimeters (28 to 35 inches) in the shoulder and weigh 21 to 72 kilograms (46 to 159 pounds). Although taller than a leopard, it is much smaller than a lion. Tan or brownish red to brownish white, basically yellow, evenly covered with nearly 2000 black solid spots.

Cheetahs are mainly active in the daytime, and the main activity is hunting. Although adult men are regional, they are good at communication and form a group called "alliance". Women are not territorial; they may live alone or with future generations. Predators, cheetahs mainly prey on antelopes and gazelles. They will track their prey in the range of 100-300 meters (330-980 feet), charge at them, trip them and bite their throats to suffocate them during the chase to kill them. The cheetah's body is designed for speed. It is the fastest land animal. During the sprint, the average speed of cheetah is 64 km / h (40 mph). When animals can reach speeds of 112 km / h (70 mph), the pursuers will intersperse with short-term speeds, although recent measurements are controversial. Cheetahs are animals that induce ovulation and reproduce throughout the year. The gestational period is nearly three months, resulting in the number of births usually ranging from three to five (the number may vary from one to eight). Weaning occurs at six months; siblings tend to be together for a while. The mortality rate of cheetah cubs is higher than that of most other mammals, especially in the Serengeti area. Cheetahs live in a variety of habitats - dry forests, shrubbery and Savannah.

Because of its ability to hunt, cheetahs have been tamed and used to kill prey in the past. The animal has been widely depicted in art, literature, advertising and animation.

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