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Rabbit is a small mammal found in Leporidae family of Lagomorpha all over the world. There are eight different genera of rabbit in this family, including the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), the cotton tailed rabbit (sylviagus; 13 species) and the American Rabbit (pentalagus furnessi, an endangered species on ammei Island, Japan). There are many other species of rabbits, which together with pikas and hares make up the order Lagomorpha. The male is the male deer and the female is the female deer. Bunny is a kitten or a tool kit. Rabbit's habitat includes grassland, forest, forest, grassland, desert and wetland. Rabbits live in groups, and the most famous species is the European rabbit, which lives in underground caves or rabbit caves. A group of caves are called Warren.

More than half of the world's rabbit population lives in North America. They are also native to some islands in southwest Europe, Southeast Asia, Sumatra, Japan, and parts of Africa and South America. They are not found naturally in most parts of Eurasia, where there are many kinds of hare. Relatively early, rabbits entered South America for the first time as part of the "great American swap.". In most parts of the continent there is only one species of rabbit, the tape butterfly, while in most southern cones of South America there is no rabbit.

European rabbits have been introduced all over the world.