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Jackal, coyote

ALS wolf is a medium-sized omnivorous mammal of the genus Canis, which also includes wolves, hyenas and domestic dogs. Although the term "Jack wolf" has been used in many small canines in history, it most often refers to three species in modern use: the black back Jack wolf and the side stripe Jack wolf in sub Saharan Africa, and the Golden South wolf. -Central Eurasia is more closely related to other members of the genus Canis.

Wolves and hyenas (sometimes called "American wolves") are omnivores of opportunity, predators and skilled scavengers of small and medium-sized animals. Their long legs and curved canine teeth are suitable for hunting small mammals, birds and reptiles. Their big feet and fused leg bones make them very suitable for long-distance running and can maintain a speed of 16 km / h (9.9 mph). ALS wolves are dusk, most active at dawn and dusk.

Canis latrans; from Nahuatl help. Info) is a native North American dog. It is smaller than its close relative, gray wolf, but smaller than the eastern wolf and red wolf, which are closely related to it. Although it is larger and more predatory, it fills in the same ecological environment as the golden Jack wolf in Eurasia, although sometimes referred to as the American Wolf by zoologists.

Due to its wide distribution and richness throughout North America, south through Mexico, and then to Central America, hyena is listed as the least concerned place by IUCN. The species has a wide range of uses and can adapt to and expand to the environment of human transformation. Its range has been expanding, with hyenas entering urban areas in the eastern United States and appearing for the first time in Eastern Panama (across the Panama Canal from its own territory) in 2013.