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Parrots are about 393 species of birds in 92 genera, which form the order parrot, and can be found in most tropical and subtropical areas. The subject is divided into three superfamilies: psittacoidea (true parrot), cacatuoidea (parrot) and strigocoidea (New Zealand parrot). Parrots are usually distributed throughout the tropics, and several species live in temperate areas of the southern hemisphere. The greatest diversity of parrots is in South America and Oceania.

Parrots are characterized by a strong, curved mouth, upright posture, strong legs, and clawlike compound toes. Many parrots are brightly colored, some are colorful. Most parrots show little or no sexual dimorphism in the visual spectrum. In terms of length, they form the largest bird order. The most important ingredients in most parrot diets are seeds, nuts, fruits, buds and other plant materials. A few species sometimes eat animals and carrion, while lions and parrots eat nectar and soft fruits. Almost all parrots build their nests in tree holes (or cages) and lay white eggs from which they hatch young (helpless) birds.

Parrots, crows, crows, crows and pieses are among the most intelligent birds, and the ability of certain species to mimic human voices has increased their popularity as pets. Some parrots are smart and speak at the level of four to five year olds. Keeping wild parrots in captivity for pet trade, as well as hunting, habitat loss and competition for invasive species, has reduced the number of wild species, and parrots are more exploited than other birds. Measures taken to protect the habitat of some attractive species have also protected many less attractive species living in the same ecosystem.