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Peacocks include three species of birds, pheasants and their allies in the genera Pavo and afropavo of the pH family. There are two species in Asia (originally the blue or India peacocks of India and Sri Lanka, and the Green Peacock of Burma, Indochina and Java) and an African species (only the peacock peacock in Congo basin). The male peacock is famous for its harsh voice and luxurious feathers. The latter is particularly prominent in Asian species, which have hidden feathers such as "eye tail" or "train", which are part of courtship rituals. The word peacock is used exclusively for men. Females are called peas, and immature offspring are sometimes called peaches.

Beautiful iridescent coloring and the function of Peacock "string" have become the subject of extensive scientific debate. Charles Darwin proposed that they play a role in attracting women, while the gorgeous characteristics of men evolved through gender selection. Recently, amotz Zahavi proposed in his barrier theory that these characteristics can be used as an honest signal of men's health status, because it is difficult for short men to survive, because they are difficult to adapt to such a large and attractive structure.