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Deer (singular and plural) are ruminant mammals that form the antler family. The two main groups are cherviniaco, including montak, Fawn and fawn, and maore family, including elk, reindeer (reindeer), Western RO and Eurasian elk (moose). Female reindeer and all kinds of male deer (except Chinese water deer) grow new antlers every year. In this case, they are different from the antelope with permanent horns, and the order of the latter is the same, which is Artiodactyla.

The musk deer of Asia and the Chevy water deer (or Rattus deer) of tropical Africa and Asian forests are usually not regarded as real deer, but are made up of their own families: moschidae and Tragulidae.

Deer began to appear in art from the cave paintings of the Paleolithic age, and played a role in mythology, religion and literature throughout history and in heraldry. Their economic importance includes the use of meat as venison, the use of skin as soft and strong skin, and the use of antlers as hilts. Deer hunting has been a popular sport since at least the middle ages and is still an important business today.

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