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Panthera onca is a kind of wild cat, which is the only extant member of American leopard. Jaguar's current range extends from the southwestern United States and Mexico to most of Central America and the south, to Paraguay and northern Argentina. Although there is now a single cat living in the western United States, the species has been largely extinct from the United States since the early 20th century. Listed as "endangered" in the IUCN Red List; and its number is declining. Threats include habitat loss and fragmentation.

Jaguar is the largest feline in America, only next to tiger and lion. It is the third largest feline. This spotted cat is very similar to a leopard, but is usually bigger and stronger. It is distributed in various forests and open areas, but the preferred habitat is tropical and subtropical humid broad-leaved forest, swamp and forest areas. Jaguars like to swim, at the top of the food chain, mainly lonely, opportunistic, haunted predators. As a cornerstone species, it plays an important role in stabilizing ecosystem and regulating prey population.

Despite the ban on international trade in Jaguars or their body parts, cats are often killed, especially in conflict with ranchers and farmers in South America. Although reduced, the scope is still large. In view of the historical distribution of Jaguar, Jaguar has a prominent position in the myths of many Native American cultures, including the Maya and Aztec.