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Sus scrofa, also known as wild boar or Eurasian wild boar, is a kind of water uid originated from Eurasia, North Africa and the grand sun islands. Human intervention has further expanded its scope, making the species one of the most widely distributed mammals in the world, and also the most widely spread subtype. Its wide range, high number and adaptability mean that it is the least concerned species by the World Conservation Union and has become an invasive species in its introduction scope. This animal probably originated in Southeast Asia in the early Pleistocene, and when it spread throughout the old world, it was more competitive than other suid species.

Up to 1990, up to 16 subspecies can be identified and divided into four regional groups according to the height of skull and the length of lacrimal bone. The species lives in a matrilineal society and consists of related females and their young (males and females). Adult males usually live alone outside the breeding season. The gray wolf is the main predator of wild boars. In addition to the Far East and the little sun islands, they are replaced by tigers and Komodo lizards respectively. It has a long history of communication with human beings, and has been the ancestor and large animal of most domestic pigs for thousands of years.