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Falcons are Raptors of the genus falcon, with about 40 species. Falcons are widely distributed on all continents except Antarctica (although closely related birds of prey did occur in the Eocene).

Adult Falcons have thin, tapered wings that allow them to fly at high speed and change direction quickly. In the first year of flight, young eagles have longer flight feathers, which makes them more like the feathers of common birds (such as broad winged birds). This makes it easier to fly, and at the same time learn the outstanding skills that you need to be an effective Hunter as an adult.

Falcon is the largest genus of Falconidae, which also includes a subfamily of caracallas and other species. All of these birds are killed with their beaks and use "teeth" on the sides of their beaks, unlike eagles, eagles and other raptors in the family Falconidae, which use their feet.

The biggest falcon is the 65 cm long gyrfalcon. The smallest falcon is the, of which the Seychelles K is only 25 cm in size. Like eagles and owls, falcons exhibit sexual dimorphism, with females usually larger than males, thus allowing for more species of prey.

Some small falcons with long and thin wings are called "hobbies", while some falcons circling during hunting are called "keels".

Like many raptors, Falcons have an extraordinary visual field; one species is measured to have 2.6 times the vision of a normal person. Traveling per is recorded as diving at 200 miles per hour (320 kilometers per hour), making it the fastest moving creature on earth.