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A crow is a bird of the genus Raven. The word "crow" is not only a part of the common name of many species, but also the general name of the whole crow.

Corvus brachyrrhinos is a large passerine bird of Corvidae family. It is a common bird in most parts of North America. American crows are the new world rivals of carrion crows and hooded crows. Although American crows and hooded crows are very similar in size, structure and behavior, their calling is different. Nevertheless, American crows still play the role of hooded crows in Eurasia.

From the beak to the tail, a Jaguar's tail is 40 – 50 cm (16 – 20 in) long, almost half of which is its tail. The mass varies from 300 to 600 grams (10 to 20 ounces). Men tend to be larger than women. The most common call is CAAW! -CaaW! -CaaW!。

American crows are all black with iridescent feathers. It looks very much like other all black corvids. They can be distinguished from common crows (C. corax), because American crows are smaller, but different from fish crows (C. ossifragus), because American crows do not bend down their feathers when they call.

Crows in the United States are common, widely distributed and susceptible to West Nile virus, so they can be used as biological indicators to track the spread of the virus. The virus has never spread directly from crows in the United States to humans, which is unheard of and impossible.

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