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Crocodiles (Alligatoridae) or alligators are large aquatic reptiles that live in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and throughout the tropics of Australia. All members of the crocodile family are considered to be true crocodiles and are classified as the biological subfamily. This article does not use the word crocodile in a broad sense, that is, crocodylidae of tomistoma. The word crocodile here only applies to species in the subfamily Crocodilidae. The term is sometimes used even more loosely to include all existing members of the crocidae, including tomistoma, alligators and caimans, Gharials, and all other living and fossil crocidae.

Although they look similar to untrained eyes, alligators, alligators and oesophagus belong to different families. Narrow nasopharynx is easier to distinguish, while crocodile and crocodile skin are difficult to find morphological differences. The most obvious external difference can be seen in the head. The head of alligator is narrower and longer. Compared with crocodile and caiman, V-shaped snout is larger than U-shaped snout. Another obvious feature of crocodiles is that the width of their upper and lower jaws is the same. When the mouth is closed, the teeth of the lower jaw fall along the edge or on the outside of the upper jaw. So, unlike crocodile skin, all teeth are visible. Its upper jaw has a small pit in which the lower teeth can be embedded. Similarly, when the crocodile's mouth is closed, the fourth big tooth of the lower jaw is suitable for the necking of the upper jaw. For indistinguishable specimens, protruding teeth are the most reliable function to determine the family to which the species belongs. Crocodiles have more webbing on the toes of their hind feet and are better tolerant to salt water because of specialized salt glands, which are present in crocodiles but do not work. Another characteristic that distinguishes crocodiles from other crocodiles is that they are more aggressive.

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