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Lobsters are a family of large marine crustaceans (hylosauridae, sometimes called hylosauridae).

Lobsters have long bodies, muscular tails and live in crevices or caves in the sea floor. Three of the five pairs of legs have claws, the first of which is usually much larger than the others. Lobsters, known as seafood, are economically important and are often one of the most profitable commodities in the coastal areas they live in. Commercially important species include two Homarus (looking more like stereotypical lobsters) and scampi (looking more like shrimp or "mini lobsters") from the North Atlantic: the northern hemisphere neprops and the southern hemisphere posterior kidney. Although the term "lobster" is used in the names of several other crustaceans, the unqualified term "lobster" usually refers to the clawed lobster of Noctuidae. Claw lobster is not closely related to spiny lobster or slipper lobster or squatting lobster without claws (claws). The close relatives of the crawfish are coral lobster and three freshwater crawfish.

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