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The seagull or seagull is a seabird of lariidae. They are most closely related to ternidae family, furthest to swing and oil skimmer, and farther to wader. Until the 21st century, most gulls were placed in the genus Larus, but it is now known that this arrangement is multi lineal, leading to the resurrection of multiple genera. The older name of the seagull is mew, compared with m? We, MGE in Denmark, Meeuw in Holland and Mouette in France are the same. The term can still be found in some regional dialects.

Seagulls are usually medium to large birds, usually gray or white, with black markings on their heads or wings. They usually emit harsh wails or rattles, are thick, have high bills and webbed feet. Most gulls, especially gulls, are ground carnivores, which can eat or pick up food. Live food usually includes crabs and small fish. Seagulls have loose jaws and can consume a lot of prey. In addition to flying kites, seagulls are usually coastal or inland species and rarely venture out to sea. It can take up to four years for large birds to get full adult feathers, but it usually takes two years for small gulls. The great white Headed Gull is usually a long-lived bird, and the maximum age recorded for herring gulls is 49.

Seagulls nest in large, dense colonies. They produce two or three spotted eggs in a nest of plants. Young people are very precocious, born with dark spots, and will be active after hatching.

Seagulls, especially the larger species, are intelligent, curious and intelligent birds, showing a complex way of communication and a highly developed social structure. For example, many seagull colonies showed siege, attacking and harassing potential predators and other invaders. Some species, such as herring gulls, show the use of tools, such as bread slices as bait to catch goldfish. Many gulls have learned to coexist successfully with humans and thrive in human habitats. Others rely on kleptoparamatism for food. Gulls were observed to prey on living whales and land as they surfaced to peck at meat.