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Domestic goat (Capra aegagrus hircus) is a subspecies of wild goat domesticated from southwest Asia and Eastern Europe.

Goat is a member of Bovidae, which is closely related to goat, because they belong to Caprinae. There are more than 300 different goat breeds. Goat is one of the oldest domesticated species, used in many parts of the world as a goat for milk, meat, hair and skin. According to the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, there were more than 924 million live goats in 2011.

Female goats are called "do" or "nannies", complete males are called "bucks" or "Billy cows", and juveniles of both sexes are called "children". The males that are cut are called "females.". Although the words "hirsine" and "caprine" refer to anything with goat like quality, the former is most commonly used to emphasize the unique smell attributed to goats.

Goat is one of the earliest domesticated animals. The latest genetic analysis confirms archaeological evidence that the wild bezoyal ibex in the Zagros Mountains is the original ancestor of all domestic goats today.

Neolithic farmers began herding wild goats for easy access to milk and meat, as well as dung for fuel, and their bones, hair and tendons for clothing, buildings and tools. The earliest remains of domesticated goats 10000 years ago were found in Ganj Dareh, Iran. In Jericho, jojamami, Jitong and "ay? The body of goat was found in the archaeological site of "n", which can be traced back to the domestication of goat in Western Asia from 8000 to 9000 years ago.

DNA evidence studies show that BP was domesticated for 10000 years.

Historically, goatskin has been used as a water and wine bottle when traveling and transporting wine. It has also been used to produce parchment.

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