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Bear is a carnivorous mammal of uridae. Bears are classified as canine or dog shaped carnivores. Although there are only eight species of bears, they are very common and occur in various habitats throughout the northern hemisphere and in parts of the southern hemisphere. Bears have been found in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. The common characteristics of modern bears include long legs, long feet, large nose, small ears, fluffy hair, non retractable claws and short tail.

Most polar bears are carnivores. Almost all of the giant pandas eat bamboo. The other six kinds of insectivores eat a variety of food. In addition to ingratiating with young individuals and mothers, bears are usually solitary animals. They may be day and night or night and have an excellent sense of smell. Despite their clumsiness and clumsy gait, they are skilled runners, climbers and swimmers. Bears use shelters such as caves and logs as nests; most species sleep for long periods of up to 100 days in winter.

Since prehistoric times, people have been hunting the flesh and fur of bears. They have been used to lure bears and other forms of entertainment, such as dancing. They play an important role in the arts, myths and other cultures of various human societies with their strong physical strength. In modern times, the bear market is under pressure from the encroachment of its habitat and illegal trade in some parts of the bear market, including the Asian bile bear market. In some countries, even the least concerned species, such as brown bear, are at risk of extinction. Poaching and international trade for these most threatened populations are banned, but are still ongoing.