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Camel is a kind of hoofed animal with toes in the camel genus. It has unique fat accumulation on its back, which is called "Hump". The three surviving species of camels are monopodal or monopodal camels, which live in the Middle East and the horn of Africa. Bactrian camels or camels, which live in Central Asia; and extremely endangered wild Bactrian camels, which have a limited population in remote areas of Northwest China and Mongolia. The name of Bactrian camel comes from the long history of the two humped area in Central Asia (Yam & khomeiri, 2015). Both single humped and double humped camels have been domesticated. They provide milk, meat, hair for textiles or goods such as felt bags, and are working animals whose mission ranges from human transport to load-bearing.

The word camel comes from Hebrew or Phoenician and is derived from Latin and Greek.

Most of the world's camels are single humped (94%), while Bactrian camels and wild Bactrian camels account for only 6% of the total camel population (Yam & khomeiri, 2015). "Camel" can also be more widely used to describe any one of the seven camel like mammals in the family camelidae: three real camels and four new world camel like animals (llamas, alpacas, camel family and camel family).