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Wolverine (born Name: James hollett; spoken language: Logan, weapon x) is a fictional character, appearing in the American comic book published by Marvel comics, mainly associated with the X-Men. He is a mutant with a keen sense of animals, enhanced physical ability, strong regeneration ability (called healing factor) and three retractable claws in each hand. Wolverine is described as a member of the X-Men, alpha flight and Avenger alliance.

The character appears in the last panel of the Incredible Hulk 180 and then plays a larger role in 181 (dated November 1974). He was co founded by Roy Thomas, editor in chief of marvel, writer len Wein, and John Romita Sr. Romita, Marvel's artistic director, although the character was originally painted and published by herb trimpe. Wolverine then joined the X-Men version of the superhero team, and eventually writer Chris Claremont and artist John Byrne will play an important role in the development of the character. Artist Frank Miller worked with Claremont to modify the character between September 1982 and December 1982 through a four part limited series with the same name, which for the first time released the Wolverine slogan: "what I do is the best, but what I do best is" good. "

Wolverine is a typical representative of many tough anti heroes in American popular culture after the Vietnam War; [4]: from 265 to the end of 1980s, his willingness to use lethal force and meditative character became the standard feature of comic anti hero. : 277 as a result, the character became the favorite of fans of the increasingly popular X-Men series: 263, 265, and has been featured in his own personal comic series since 1988.

He has appeared in most X-Men adaptations, including animated TV series, video games and the 20th Century Fox X-Men movie series, nine of which are played by Hugh Jackman. Troy Sivan portrayed a younger version in the 2009 movie the origin of the X-Men: Wolverine. In many comic best lists, the character has been highly rated, ranking first among the top 200 comic characters of wizard magazine in 2008; fourth among the greatest comic characters of Empire in 2008; fourth among the top 100 comic heroes of ign in 2011.

Although it has been suggested that co-founder len Wein originally intended Logan to be a mutant Wolverine cub, he has evolved from an established Marvel geneticist, senior evolutionist, to a humanoid, which Wein denied:

Although it's easy for me to admit that my original idea was to let Walworth's claws protrude from the back of the glove But I'm not going to make Logan a mutant Wolverine. I'm writing about humans, not about evolutionary animals (I'm sorry for any stories I might write about advanced evolution). After I stopped participating in this book, this abnormal Wolverine happened. I'm not sure if this idea was originally put forward by Chris Claremont, the late, missing Dave cockrum or John Byrne when they were artists, but I'm not sure that I started it.

Wynn said in the blue light episode of the origin of X-Men: Wolverine that he read "ten things you don't know about Wolverine", saying that the role was originally intended to be a variant Wolverine cub, which rekindled Wynn's frustration. He said again that he "always knew Wolverine was a mutant.".

Cockrum published an article on the evolution of Wolverine in the reprint of "the Incredible Hulk 180-181" in 1986, entitled "the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine". He said that high evolution plays a crucial role in making Wolverine human. [13] Wein hopes Wolverine will become a young adult with superhuman power and agility, similar to spider man. Things changed when Wayne saw that cockrum described the furry 40 year old Wolverine. Wynn had intended to put the claws back as part of the Wolverine gloves, both made of emerald. Chris Claremont finally revealed in X-Men 98 (April 1976) that they were part of the anatomy of Wolverine. Writer jeph Loeb uses a similar origin for Wolverine in the marvel continuum, making wild mutants an evolutionary form of life.

In 2018, marvel announced the upcoming five issues of Wolverine Mini Series "return of Wolverine", which will end the trilogy in "Wolverine's death" and "Wolverine hunting". The writer Charles Soule said that Wolverine will have more abilities after resurrection from the dead, including the ability to heat its claws.

His main mutation ability is an accelerated healing process, usually called his mutation healing factor, which can regenerate damaged or damaged human tissues, far beyond the ability of ordinary people. The healing factors of Wolverine can not only accelerate the recovery of body trauma, but also make it highly resistant to diseases, drugs and toxins. However, he will still suffer from the direct impact of such substances; he has been proved to be poisoned after taking a large amount of alcohol, and in many cases lost his ability due to a large number of powerful drugs and poisons; shielding. He tried to anesthetize Wolverine by injecting 80 ml of anesthetic into his system every minute.

Artificial improvements based on the weapon X program (later in the cartoon called the weapon Plus Program) promoted his healing factors, in which his bones were reinforced with an almost indestructible metal carborundum. When adamantane stops or relieves many injuries, his healing factors must continue to play a role in preventing metal poisoning from killing him. When his healing power failed, the beast synthesized a drug to fight adamantine poisoning.

His healing factors also greatly affected his aging process, making his life far beyond the normal life span of human beings. Although he was born in the late 19th century, his physical quality, appearance, physical condition, health and vitality are full. Although it seems that there is no age, the exact unknown factor is that his healing factor can prolong his life expectancy.

Although his body has healed, the healing factors can not inhibit the pain he suffered when he was injured. Wolverine also admitted to feeling phantom pain for weeks or months after the injury. He didn't like being hurt and sometimes had to work for some extreme pain. Wolverine occasionally intentionally injures or allows itself to be injured for various reasons, including freeing itself from capture, intimidation, tactics, or simply indulging in its wildness. Although he now has all the memories, his rehabilitation ability can increase his ability to recover from psychological trauma by inhibiting his memory of experiencing severe pain.