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Transformers are media franchises made by Hasbro, an American toy company, and Takara Tommy, a Japanese toy company. Originally, from tacara's diabone and microman toy lines, the franchise was renamed as a series of Transformers toys. [1] the franchise started from transformers toy lines in 1984 and focused on the factions of self configuring modular alien robot life bodies (usually Autobots and Decepticons). An endless civil war for rule or ultimate peace. In its history, transformers' franchise for robot superheroes has expanded to cover comics, animation, video games and movies.

The term "generation 1" covers the animated TV series transformers and the comic series of the same name, which are further divided into Japanese and British derivatives, respectively. Then came sequels, such as the second generation comic book and the Beast Wars TV series, which became their own mini universe. The first generation of characters was rebooted twice through dreamwave in 2001, and the IDW publishing was rebooted in 2005 as a series of remakes. Around the 20th century, there were other incarnations of the story, depending on the toy line. The first is the camouflage robot series, followed by three exhibitions (Armada, energy and cyber Tron), which make up a single universe called "Unicron Trilogy". The live action movie was also released in 2007, the sequel in 2009, the sequel in 2011, the third sequel in 2014, and the four sequels in 2017, which are totally different from the previous version. While the Transformers: animation series integrates G1 story arc, 2007 live action movie and Unicron trilogy. Transformers: prime was previously shown on the hub

Although originally a franchise that competed separately in 1983, tonka's GoBots acquired Tonka in 1991 and became Hasbro's intellectual property. Then, in the animated series GoBots challenge and the follow-up movie GoBots: Battle of the, the universe is depicted. In the robot superhero series of transformers, the Locke nobility is retroactively established as an alternative universe.