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Angels, especially according to Abraham's religion and Zoroastrianism, are spiritual beings superior to human beings in ability and intelligence. Angels are often described as benevolent, terrifying, and possess earthly wisdom and knowledge, but they are not infallible. Because they fight against each other, God must make peace between them. Most of them act as the intermediary or patron saint between heaven and earth. They are studied in the theology of angels. In Christian Science, the term "angel" refers to the revelation of God. The use of the term has been extended to refer to the artistic depiction of the spirit, and it has also been used to refer to messengers and pioneers, as well as people who are kind, pure, selfless, intelligent or beautiful.

Angels are their spiritual mission. For example, "redeemed angel", "translator", "angel of destruction", "angel of covenant", "angel of his presence" and "a group of evil angels".