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Groot is a fictional character, appearing in American comics published by Marvel comics. The character was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby, and originally appeared in the story of surprise (November 1960). The primitive Groot was an alien, sentient treelike creature that first emerged as an intruder to capture humans for experiments.

The character was reintroduced in 2006 as a hero, a noble character, and appeared in the cross-border comic story "extinction: Conquest". Groot continued to star in his derivative series, guardians of the galaxy, and joined the team of the same name. Groot has appeared in a variety of Marvel related products, including animated TV series, toys and trade cards. Vin Diesel dubs Groot in Marvel cinematic universe's movie Galaxy guard (2014), Galaxy guard. 2 (2017), Avengers Alliance: Infinite War (2018) and Avengers Alliance: the end (2019), while Krystian godlewski played a role in the first film through performance capture. Diesel will play a new role in galactic escort. 3. Diesel even expressed the role of Groot in the 2018 Disney animated film Ralph breaking the Internet. Since his film premiere and animation series premiere, gerut has become an icon of pop culture, and his repeated line "I am gerut" has also become an Internet meme.

Groot is a giant of flora from Planet X, the branch of the world. The plant giants are treelike creatures whose throats are so stiff that they can barely understand their language, making their speech sound like repeating the word "I'm grut.". Others tried to be friendly, but were angry that the Colossus of flora could not speak. (Groot has been shown to be able to understand and speak eloquently throughout the annihilation: Conquest.) The giants of flora are ruled by "master arbor" and teach the children of this species through "photon knowledge". This is the master arbor of the collected knowledge generation, absorbed through photosynthesis; this is a highly advanced education method, which makes the Colossus of flora a genius. The biota of Planet X is managed by "maintenance mammals", which are small creatures similar to raccoons.

Later known as "Groot", Flora's giant tree seedlings come from "ennobled SAP line" and have a great grasp of the engineering of alignment size and super position. Instead of getting along with other saplings, Groot chose the company "maintenance of mammals" and other saplings were prejudiced. Groot was exiled by the "master arbor" in the 14th Edition [8] of the Galactic escort after killing another young tree to defend the cruel maintenance of mammals.

Groot's ongoing series introduces an alternative source. In the story, it is revealed that another plant giant is kidnapping creatures on other planets, including a young human girl named Hannah. After meeting Hannah, Groot realized that his people had done something wrong and managed to save the child and send it back to earth. However, due to his disobedience, gerut was expelled from Planet X and forced to roam the universe until, decades later, he met the rocket raccoon, where this version of gerut later became a member of the Galactic convoy.

Another alternative origin was proposed in the guardian of infinity by Edgardo Miranda Rodriguez, where one woman claimed that grut was a kapok tree in Ponce, Puerto Rico. According to the folklore of Puerto ricans, the kapok tree is believed to have the spirit of the native Taino people who once flourished on the Caribbean island. According to her logic, the woman believed that grut was Puerto Rican.

Groot is an alien tree monster. He first came to the earth to search for human beings to catch and study. Groot seems to have been destroyed by termites used by Leslie Evans.

Xemnu replicates Groot by creating a mix of humans and trees to fight against the Hulk, but is destroyed in battle.

GRUET was later found to have survived, but was captured by collectors and held in a Canadian zoo until GRUET and other captive creatures were released by the creation rat man. Groot and other creatures rampaged through New York City until they were stopped by a group of superheroes and abandoned through a portal to a negative area.

Gruot was later hunted and captured by s.h.i.e.l.d.'s supernatural shelter, nicknamed how the commando, when he was spotted by Sasquatch and the hateful snowman. When grut was captured, the gorilla talked to grut about joining the commando. When Merlin and his troops attacked the base, the commando let grut and other prisoners be released and stepped on Merlin's army. Groot was the only one who refused to join the commando. Gerut helped when the commando attacked Merlin's forces.

Groot can absorb wood as food and has regeneration ability. Groot can control trees and plants, use them to attack others, and seem to have fire resistance. Groot can increase germination sharply, which can severely inhibit movement.

Groot seems to have been killed many times, each time growing out of twigs.

Black bolt's brother maximus the mad asserts that whenever Groot says, "I'm Groot!" In fact, he has said a lot of things in trademark, and his different changes to sentences are equivalent to words and sentences. People who interact with Groot gradually understand the meaning of these twists and turns, and as time goes on, they can have a complete dialogue with Groot. The mature form of the Groot species is strong and heavy, which causes the organs produced by acoustics to become stiff and inflexible. It is this hardened nature of the Gloucester's throat that causes people to ignore the nuances of flora Colossi's speech and misunderstand that Gloucester merely repeats his name. Although grut does seem to be helping maximus with his highly advanced engineering skills, it is not clear whether maximus is right or just another manifestation of his madness. Later, in the 23rd issue of the new X-Men, Jean gray telepathically contacted Groot, indicating that the thinking process of Groot was indeed complex, and declared that "I am Groot!". Usually it means trying to communicate with high intelligence.

In the Avengers Alliance: Infinite War in Marvel movie world, Thor said that flora Colossi was selected as an elective course at the asgadi school, which is an explanation of his ability to understand gerut.