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Dragon is a legendary creature, usually scaled or flamed, with serpentine, reptilian or bird characteristics. It exists in the myths of many cultures in the world. The two most famous cultural traditions of dragons are

The European dragon originated from the European folk tradition and was ultimately related to the myths of the Balkans and Western Asia. Most animals are described as reptiles with animal intelligence and have unique six limbs (four legs and a set of independent wings).

The Chinese dragon corresponds to Japan, South Korea and other East and South Asian countries. Most animals are described as serpentine creatures with above average intelligence and are quadruped (four foot and wingless).

The two traditions may have developed separately, but to a certain extent, they influence each other, especially in the cross-cultural contact in the past century. The English word dragon and the Latin word Draco come from the Greek (drakon), "dragon, serpent, water snake"