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Pinocchio is a character in the novel, and also the protagonist of Pinocchio (1883), a children's novel written by Italian writer Carlo Collodi. He was carved in a village near Luca by a woodcarver named jeppetto, originally a puppet, but he dreamed of becoming a real boy. He often lies.

Pinocchio is a cultural icon. As one of the most vivid characters in children's literature, his story has been adapted to other media, especially the 1940 Disney movie Pinocchio

Pinocchio is a puppet (wire operated puppet), not a puppet (controlled directly from the inside by the puppet hand). But the piece of wood from which he derived was alive, so Pinocchio moved independently. Basically, he is very good, often taken away by bad companies, and easy to lie. Once he starts to lie to others, his nose will grow longer and longer. [3] Because of these characteristics, he often finds himself in trouble, but always tries to get out of it. Pinocchio experienced a transformation in his novel: he promised that the fairy with Turquoise hair would become a real boy, escape to the place of toys with candwick, become a donkey, join the circus and become a puppet again. In the last chapter, I blurted out from "the terrible dogfish" with gipto, and finally I was not a puppet, but a real boy (thanks for the fairy's intervention in the dream).