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A headstone or marker, usually a stone, placed on a tomb. They are the traditional funeral traditions of Christianity, Judaism and Muslim religion. In most cases, they bear the name of the deceased, the date of birth and death, as well as personal information or prayers, but they may contain some burial objects, especially the details of stone reliefs. In many parts of Europe, pictures of the dead are usually framed.

A tombstone can be a simple upright slab with a semicircle, circle, mountain, pointed arch, mountain, square, or other shaped top. In the 18th century, they were often decorated with souvenirs, such as skulls or winged skulls, winged cherubs' heads, heavenly crowns, urn or grave diggers' picks and shovels. It's a little unusual that allegorical figures, such as the age of the old father, or symbols of trade or status, or even some events in the life of the dead (especially their causes of death), are carefully designed. Large burial chamber, fake Sarcophagus, because the actual remains are underground, or gentlemen usually use smaller chambers as a means of commemorating the same family members. In the 19th century, tombstones became very diverse, ranging from plain to exquisitely decorated, and often used crosses or other shapes different from traditional flat plates on their bases. They can be replaced by more elaborate markings, such as crosses or angels. Simple kerbs, sometimes surrounded by glass fragments, were popular in the mid-20th century.

Traditionally, Islamic tombstones are more like rectangular shafts, usually topped with carved flower heads symbolizing headscarves. But in western countries, more local styles are usually used.