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Fairy Tales (also fata, fairyland, fairy, fairy, folk artists; from fairyland, fairyland, "fairyland") are a kind of mythical characters or legendary creatures in European folklore (especially Celtic, Slavic, German, English, and French folk literature and Art), a spiritual form, usually described as metaphysical, supernatural or supernatural.

Myths and stories about fairies are not a single origin, but a collection of folk beliefs from different sources. Various folk theories about the origin of fairies include casting them into degraded angels or demons in Christian tradition, secondary gods in pre Christian pagan belief system, souls of the dead, forerunners or elements of prehistoric human beings.

The fairy's label is sometimes only applicable to specific magical creatures with human appearance, short stature, magic and deception tendency. At other times, it is used to describe any magical creature, such as goblin and goblin. Fairy tales are sometimes used as adjectives, meaning "Enchantment" or "magic.".

The recurring theme of fairy tales is the need to use protective talismans to dispel fairies. Common examples of this charm include church bells, clothing inside and outside, clover and food. Sometimes it is believed that fairies will come and go in certain places and use forgetfulness to mislead travelers. Before the advent of modern medicine, fairies were often blamed for diseases, especially tuberculosis and birth defects.

In addition to its folk origin, fairy is a common feature of Renaissance Literature and romantic art, especially popular in Victorian and Edwardian England. The Celtic Renaissance also saw fairies established as a typical part of Celtic cultural heritage.