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Pet elf is the Roman abbreviation of Japanese brand pocket monsters. The term Pokemon not only refers to the Pokemon series itself, but also refers to 802 known fictional species in the Pokemon media since the release of the seventh generation of Pokemon sun and moon. The singular and plural of "pet elf" are the same, and the names of each species are the same; grammatically speaking, "one Magic Baby" and "many magic babies", as well as "one Picchu" and "many Picchu".

The original Pokemon game was a role-playing game (RPG) with strategic elements, created by Tajiri Satoshi for game boy. These RPGs and their sequels, remakes and English translations are still considered "major" Pokemon games, and most fans of the series use the term "Pokemon game" when referring to these games. All licensed Pokemon properties regulated by Pokemon international are roughly chronological. These generations are roughly chronological. Every few years, when the official sequel in the main RPG series of games is released, it will contain new magic baby, role and game concept, which is regarded as the beginning of a new generation of series. Whenever a new generation begins, major games and their derivatives, animation, comics and Trade Card Games will be updated with the new Pokemon attribute. The franchise begins its seventh generation on November 18, 2016.

The main content of Pokemon video game series revolves around the capture and fight of Pokemon. From the beginning of the first pet elves, can players catch them by weakening the wild elves and catching them with them? The Ball. Instead, they can choose to defeat them in battle to gain their experience of magic babies, improve their level and teach them new moves. Most pet elves have an "evolutionary family," a term that refers to pet elves evolving or evolving into more powerful forms by upgrading or using certain items. Throughout the game, players have to fight with other coaches to make progress, with the main goal of defeating various sports leaders / trials and gaining the right to become regional champions. The follow-up games of this series introduce various auxiliary games and tasks, including the battle front showing unique battle types and the Magic Baby competition showing visual appearance.