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In folklore, ghost (sometimes called phantom, ghost, phantom, goblin, shadow, ghost or ghost, spirit, ghost and ghost) is the soul or spirit of the dead or animals that can appear on the living. In ghost legends, the description of ghosts varies from invisible existence to translucent or almost invisible small shapes to lifelike visual effects. Intentional contact with the spirit of the dead is called necromancy or, in spiritualism, justification.

People 's belief in the existence of the afterlife and the existence of the soul of the dead has been widely spread, which can be traced back to animism or ancestor worship in pre literacy culture. Some religious practices (funerals, exorcism, and some spiritualism and ritual magic practices) are specifically designed to bury the souls of the dead. Ghosts are often described as lonely, similar to human nature, although there are also stories about ghost armies and animals rather than human ghosts. They are thought to haunt their particular location, object or person in relation to life.

It is generally accepted in the scientific community that ghosts do not exist. Their existence is impossible to forge, and ghost hunting has been classified as pseudoscience. Despite hundreds of years of investigation, there is no scientific evidence that the souls of the dead live anywhere.