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The original Japanese version of poke ball is a spherical device used by Pokemon trainers to capture wild Pokemon and store it in the player's inventory when it is inactive. After contact, the balls will attract a Pokemon inside and then automatically close. Wild Magic babies are able to resist and break free; however, weak Pokemon and those with status are less able to struggle, so they are easier to catch. The legendary magic babies are easier to capture and often require many poke balls or more powerful poke balls to capture them. If the player attempts to capture a non player character's magic baby, the opponent will stop the ball to prevent it from being stolen and point out that it is illegal to capture a magic baby that is already owned by the coach.

As depicted in the anime and Comics Series, "poke ball" is the size of a golf ball when it is not in use and is enlarged to the size of a baseball by pressing the center button. Pokemon is released to fight by throwing a ball. When retrieving Pokemon, a red light transforms the Pokemon into energy for recycling. Pokemon is interpreted as being so comfortable that they are willing to enter voluntarily without any encouragement. Pokemon voltorb, electron, foongus and amoongus are often mistaken for poke balls because their shapes and color schemes are very similar to those of poke balls.

There are various types of P balls. Pokemon red and blue introduced the Pokemon ball, Japan's great ball and master ball. Their strength is constantly improving. They have a 100% success rate for any captured Pokemon, usually only one is available in the game. In the pocket monster gold coin, silver coin, crystal, heart gold and soul silver, there is a kind of fruit called "apricot". When they are sent to Kurt in azalea Town, they will be made into one of seven special of balls according to the color of apricot. Kurt can make seven kinds of poke balls (and make seven kinds of colorful apricots) which are level (red), moon (yellow), lure (blue), friend (green), love (pink), fast (white) and heavy (black). From "Pokemon ruby", "Sapphire" and "Emerald", other specialized balls appeared, including timer balls (more effective with the increase of rounds in the current battle) and tennis (easier to catch water and insects) Pokemon, etc. In addition, in some games, there is an area called "Safari zone", in which only Safari balls can be used. These cannot be used elsewhere in the game. Other poke balls that exist are heavy ball (useful for capturing heavy Pokemon), head ball (heals the health and state of the captured Pokemon), luxury ball (similar to friend ball, because it is similar to friend ball Like ball, the captured Pokemon is tied to its faster trainer, the twilight ball (used to catch Pokemon at night or in caves), the nest ball (used to catch Pokemon lower than your own), the repeat ball (used to catch previously captured Pokemon), the decoy ball (used to catch the magic baby when fishing) and the diving ball (used to catch the diving ball When I met him. There are also some special types of oke balls (Indian and advanced), which can only be obtained through special distribution activities.

In Nintendo GameCube RPG, Pokemon colossum and Pokemon XD: Darke Darke, players can capture the non player character Pokemon by using snag machine, which turns poke balls into snag balls. Snag balls can capture any magic baby (with the same strength limits as standard poke, great, ultra and master balls) and are developed by opponents to steal Pokemon in unusual places in the wild. Obstacle ball can also be used by players to catch specific shadow pet elves polluted by enemy groups, and players need to purify to complete the game. In "our 50 favorite video game props", we ranked "touch the ball" as No. 18, and pointed out how you can get it in the "Super Smash Brothers" series.