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Diablo is a Spanish word meaning "devil.".

The devil is the embodiment of evil, because it is embodied in many different cultural and religious traditions. It is seen as objectification of hostile and destructive forces.

It is difficult to define any complexity that covers all traditions in a particular way, except that it is a manifestation of evil. It makes sense to consider the devil from the perspective of every culture and religion in which it is a part of myth.

The history of this concept is intertwined with theology, mythology, psychiatry, art and literature, maintaining validity and developing independently in each tradition. Historically, it took place in many backgrounds and cultures and was given many different names - Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles and attributes: it was depicted as blue, black or red; it was depicted as having horns on its head, not having horns, and so on. Devil's ideas are often, but not always, taken seriously, for example, when devil images are used in advertising and candy packaging.

The modern English word devil comes from the Middle English d é ofol and the Middle English d ē ofol, which in turn represents the early German borrowing of the Latin diabolus. In turn, it was borrowed from Greece: Di á bolos, "defamation," from diab á llein, from di á defamation, "through, through" and B á llein, "throwing," possibly similar to the Sanskrit maxim, "he looks up.".