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Slender Man

Slender man (also known as slenderman) is a fictional supernatural character, which originated from the Internet creeping eccentricity created by something awful forum user Eric Knudsen (also known as "Victor surge") in 2009. Human features, expressionless head and face, wearing a black suit.

The story of a slim man is often characterized by his obsession, kidnapping or hurting people, especially children. Slim people are not limited to a single narrative, but appear in many different novels, usually created online. Novels about "slim men" cover a wide range of media, including literary, artistic and video series, such as the marble Hornet, who is known as the "operator". In addition to online novels, "slim man" has become an icon of the Internet and has influenced popular culture. In the video game "my world" in "grace", engedman's role has been quoted and his own video games have been produced, such as "slim: eight pages" and "slim: arrival". He also starred in the movie "the marble Hornet," played by Doug Jones, and the movie of the same name, played by Javier botet.

Since 2014, the readers of slim men's novels have been associated with a number of violent acts, especially when a 12-year-old girl was stabbed to death in Waukesha, Wisconsin, causing moral panic.

Slim men were created on June 10, 2009, on a thread of something awful Internet Forum. The thread is a Photoshop competition in which users are asked to "create supernatural images.". Eric Knudsen, the poster for the forum, created two black-and-white photos under the pseudonym Victor surge, each of which was composed of groups of children, and added tall, thin spectral figures in black suits. Although the previous entries consisted only of photographs, surge added his submission (allegedly from a witness), describing the kidnapping of a group of children and giving the character the name "slim man.".

Slim people became popular quickly, spawning countless peer works, role plays and online novels, known as "crepypasta.". Horror stories are told in short clips, which are easy to copy between sites. Contrary to the original creator, slim man has become the theme of numerous stories written by many authors in a mythical story.

Many aspects of the slender man's myth first appeared in the primitive terrible things. One of the first added content was added by forum user "Thoreau up". This user created a folklore story in Germany in the 16th century, involving a story called der Gro? Man's role, which is suggested to be an early reference to slender man. : 36 the first video series involving slim men was published by the user "CE gars" on the theme of something awful. It tells the story of a fictional film school friend, Alex kralie, who stumbled upon something disturbing while filming his first feature film, the marble hornet. The video series, released as a live shot on youtube, forms an alternative reality game that describes the fictional experience of the filmmaker and slim man. Arg also includes a twitter feed and an alternate YouTube channel created by a user named "to the ark.". As of 2013, marble Bumblebee has more than 250000 subscribers and 55 million views worldwide. Then came the other YouTube series featuring slim men, including Everyman hybrid and tripletwelve.

In 2012, slim man was adapted into a video game called slim man: eight pages, which was downloaded more than two million times in the first month of its release. Then came several popular game variants, including slenderman's shadow and IOS's slenderman, the second most popular app download. The sequel to slim: eight pages, slim: coming came out in 2013. Several independent films about slim people have been released or are in development, including entity and the slender man, which are free online after the $10000 KickStarter campaign. In 2013, it was announced that the Hornets would become a feature film. In 2015, the movie adaptation "forever Watch: the story of the marble hornet" was released on VOD, with Doug Jones playing the role. In 2016, screen gems, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures, teamed up with mythology entertainment to bring a "slender man" film to the theatre, under the name of Javier botet. The film was released in 2018.

Because the fictional "myth" of a slim man develops without official "canon" for reference, his appearance, motivation, habits and abilities are not fixed, but depend on the storyteller. The most common description is that he is tall and thin, with unnatural long, tentacled arms (or just tentacles) that stretch out to intimidate or capture prey. In most stories, his face is white and has no features, but occasionally his face is different from anyone who sees it. He seems to be wearing a dark suit and tie. Slim people are often associated with forests and / or abandoned places and have the ability to transmit. People usually think that getting close to slim men will cause "slim disease". Paranoia, nightmares and delusions develop rapidly with nosebleeds.

Early stories are about him, targeting children or young people. Some distinctive young people go mad or act on his behalf, while others don't, while others claim that the investigation of slim men will attract his attention. The online drama "the marble hornet" established the idea of agents (people influenced by slim men), although at first they were just frantic, not slim people's P. The marble Hornets also suggested that "slim people" might interfere with video and audio recordings, as well as "slim people symbols"? It becomes a common word in slim novels. In the slim myth, graphic violence and physical terror are not common, and many narrative choices obscure the fate of his victims. "It's important to note that there are very few restatements that accurately identify what a slim person might be and what his intentions are - views that are still mysterious and usefully vague," Shira chess said