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A witch is someone who practices witchcraft or magic. Traditionally, the word is used to accuse someone of confusing someone or casting spells on them to control them by magic. Now, it is also used by some people to refer to those who practice various modern religions, such as Vicat.

Although most indigenous peoples throughout history have some faith in the spirit, and they are believed to have power through herbs or spirit, these are not known as "magic spells" until they come into contact with Western ideas. And they don't always have a negative meaning.

In Europe, the fear of witchcraft was supported by marlev maleficalum, published in 1487 by Heinrich Kramer, a German Catholic clergyman. It taught the prosecution of witches and was greatly promoted by the new technology of the printing press. It saw 29 printed works before 1669, second only to the Bible. According to the book, witchcraft must have three elements. These are the evil intentions of the witch, the help of the devil and the permission of God.

Many women in South America were killed by witch hunters. Due to the lack of records and different opinions on the time frame and regions involved, the exact figures have caused heated debate. In the whole persecution legal system, "judges, ministers, priests, police officers, jailers, judges, doctors, assassins, torturers, jurors, executors" are almost all men, while the vast majority of victims are women, so many people think that witch hunting is a kind of "fungicide". In the documentary "the burning age," thea Jensen called this history "the Holocaust of women.".