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E-man is the abbreviation of "cybernetic organism", which has the body parts of organic and biological mechatronics. The term was coined by Manfred clynes and Nathan S. Kline in 1960.

The body of a robot is different from a bionic, biological robot or robot. It is suitable for organisms that have recovered or enhanced functions due to the integration of certain artificial components or technologies (depending on some kind of feedback). Although cyborgs are generally regarded as mammals, including humans, they can also be imagined as any kind of creature.

DS halacy's "man who lives on mechanical devices: the evolution of Superman" made an introduction in 1965, in which it talked about the "new field", which is not only "space, but also a more profound explanation of the relationship between" internal space "and" external space "- the bridge between the two... Ideas and materials."

In popular culture, some cyborgs may appear as obvious cyborgs (for example, cyborgs in DC Comics, webman in chartered doctor or Borg in Star Trek or Darth Vader in Star Wars) or almost indistinguishable from human beings (for example, Cylon "human", from the reimagination of Battlestar Galactica, etc.). In the novel, robots often show excessive dependence on technology, which is the contempt of human beings, especially when they are used in wars and in ways that seem to threaten free will. Human counterparts (military forms may have built-in weapons), such as robots