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Magic hat

Hat trick is a classic magic trick in which the performer will use a seemingly empty top hat to make an object (traditionally a rabbit or a bunch of flowers).

The easiest way is to put the hat on a special table or chest. The hat and the surface on which it is placed will have a hidden opening through which objects placed in a table or chest compartment can be pulled out. Alternatively, the performer can use the skill of the hand and the wrong direction to make items hidden in his sleeve. This eliminates the need to place the hat on the surface and also allows the performer to hand it over to the audience for inspection. However, it is much more difficult to make a rabbit out of a hat with only a cunning hand.

This technique has also traditionally been performed for children as it is a basic technique with basic props.

It is said that the earliest magician was Louis Comte in 1814, although it is also attributed to the later John Henry Anderson.

The magic trick is so well known that it has been quoted by various media. The high hat used for this technique has almost become a synonym for stage magicians and is often used as an icon to represent magic (for example, the example on the right). Similarly, rabbits are usually related to patterns, so they are usually used to represent magic.