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A zipper, zipper, flight or zipper fastener, formerly known as a buckle, is a common device for binding open edges of fabrics or other flexible materials, such as clothes or bags. It is used for clothing (such as jackets and jeans), suitcases and other bags, sporting goods, camping equipment (such as tents and sleeping bags), and other items. Whitcomb L. Judson is an American inventor from Chicago. He invented and made a feasible zipper. This method is still in use today, based on interlocking teeth. Originally known as "hook free fasteners," it was redesigned to become more reliable.

Most zippers / zippers consist of two rows of protruding teeth, which can cross each other, link the two rows of protruding teeth together, and carry tens to hundreds of special shape metal or plastic teeth. These teeth can be single or made of continuous coils, also known as elements. The manually operated slider moves along the tooth row. Inside the slider is a Y-shaped channel, according to the moving direction of the slider, the channel can mesh or separate two opposite rows of teeth. Zipper ionopoetic is a word because it is named as the zipper that makes a sound or a high tone when the device is in use.

In many jackets and similar garments, when the slider is at one end of the strap, the opening is completely closed. The mechanism allows local tightening, in which only some tapes are held together, but various movements and pressures may cause the slider to move around the tape. In many types of luggage cases, there are two sliders on the tape that are installed side by side in the opposite direction: the zipper section between the two sliders is not tightened. When the sliders are at the opposite ends of the tape, the zipper is fully released; when the two sliders are at any position on the tape, and adjacent to each other, the zipper is fully closed. Some jackets have separate zippers. When the slider is at the opposite ends of the tape, the jacket will close. If you lift the lower slider, you can open the lower sides of the jacket to make it more comfortable to ride or ride. When both sliders are lowered, the zipper may completely separate. Although it may be convenient, problems are usually encountered when starting or detaching this type of zipper.