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A towel is an absorbent fabric or paper used to dry or wipe the body or surface. It usually absorbs water through direct contact through ink absorption or friction action.

In the family, several types of cloth towels are used, including towel, bath towel and kitchen towel. In warm climate, people can also use beach towels. Paper towels are provided in commercial or office bathrooms for users to clean their hands. Paper towels are also used at home for wiping, cleaning and drying tasks. According to Medieval archeological research, "... Tight storage of personal belongings includes forever knives and towels." However, the invention of towel is usually related to the 17th century Turkish city of bursa. These Turkish towels were originally a flat, woven piece of cotton or linen called a pestle, usually hand embroidered. Pesto is long enough to wrap around the body, initially narrow, but now widened, usually 90 x 170 cm (35 inches by 67 inches). Preservatives are used in Turkish baths because they are light and very absorbent when wet.

With the development of the Ottoman Empire, the use of towels increased. Weavers are required to embroider more exquisite designs with the help of carpet weaving knowledge. By the 18th century, towels began to have the characteristics of rings protruding from the pile of materials. These ring towels are called cute. With the passage of time, the word has become the Turkish word "towel", meaning "circle". It wasn't until the 19th century that towels began to become affordable, with the cotton trade and industrialization. With the development of mechanization, cotton terry can be bought in the yard or stored in the shop as prefabricated towel.

Now, towels come in all sizes, materials and designs. Some hotels that offer towels and bathrobes embed washable RFID tags in linen to prevent theft