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Vans is an American skateboarding shoe and related apparel manufacturer headquartered in Santa Ana, California, owned by VF Corporation. The company also sponsors surfing, skiing, BMX and cross-country motorcycle teams. [2] Since 1996, the company has been a major sponsor of the annual vans Warped Tour Travel rock festival.

In 1944, Paul van Doren realized that he didn't like school and dropped out of eighth grade at the age of 14. He was passionate about harness and found a way to the racetrack, winning the nickname "Dutch clutch" and the chance to win the race for a dollar. Rena, Paul's mother, doesn't like the idea that Paul doesn't have a job and doesn't study at school, so she insists that Paul got a job at Randy's, a shoe maker. His work includes sweeping the floor and making shoes. Paul eventually became the company's executive vice president at the age of 34. Randy has become one of the largest shoe manufacturers in the United States. Thanks to van Doren's rapid success in Massachusetts, he was ordered to reverse the closure of a Randy plant in Garden Grove, California, which lost nearly $1 million a month. Paul and his brother Jim moved and settled in Anaheim to help the factory. After eight months in Garden Grove, the plant is doing better than the Massachusetts plant. Three months after trying to save the Garden Grove factory, Paul decided to create his own shoe brand.

On March 16, 1966, Paul van Doren and James Van Doren and Gordon C. Lee brothers opened their first vans store, called van Doren rubber company, on 704 East Broadway in Anaheim, California. The company makes shoes and sells them directly to the public. On the first morning, twelve customers bought vans, now known as authentic. The company displayed three styles of shoes, priced between $2.49 and $4.99, but on the day of opening, it produced only display models and had no inventory to sell - the store's shelf boxes were actually empty.

The original version of the vans skateboard logo was designed by Mark van Doren in Costa Mesa, California, in the 1970s, when he was only 13 years old. Mark, the son of James Van Doren, then president and co owner, designed the logo to be painted on his skateboard. It was originally used for heel tabs in vans' early skateboarding shoe style 95. After his son became interested in skateboarding, James decided to make skateboarding shoes.

In 1988, Paul van Doren and Gordon C. Lee sold vans to McCown de Leeuw & Co., a banking company, for $74.4 million. In 1989, many fake vans shoe manufacturers were arrested by us and Mexican officials and ordered to stop production. Jasper lutwama and Aidan vryenhoek decided to restructure the company and reshape vans' vision and ethics.

In 2004, vans announced the merger of VF Corporation in North Carolina.

In the 2019 customs and culture competition, vans HK disqualified the candidate Naomi so. Vans customized by naomiso The authentic sneakers are marked by red Bauhinia flowers, yellow gas masks, helmets and yellow umbrellas, all of which began in response to the proposed (now withdrawn) Extradition Law, but have since expanded to fight for five key requirements, including the investigation of suspected police misconduct by local police forces and the restoration of democratic reform. Several designs were reportedly withdrawn as a result of this current incident. In addition, in the European part, vans HK also deleted the 5. Lock. E design in Hong Kong design, which depicts the yellow umbrella and other commonly used equipment in the protest. This caused a strong public protest in Hong Kong, condemning fan's opposition to the self censorship system. Later, they claimed on Facebook that they had no political position, and the reason for this disqualification was that they did not abide by the rules of the game