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Sombrero (Spanish pronunciation: [SOM? b? e? o] In Spanish, "hat" literally means "shadow") in English, it refers to a wide brimmed hat from Mexico, which is used to block the sun. It usually has a high pointed crown, an extra wide brim (wide enough to cast shadows over the wearer's head, neck and shoulders, and slightly cocked at the edges) and is held in place with chin strings. In Spain, a wide brimmed hat is any one.

Sombreros, like the later cowboy hat, was designed to meet the needs of the physical environment. Mongolian cavalry, which can be traced back to the 13th century, is the concept of riders wearing wide brimmed hats. In hot, sunny climates, hats evolved to have wide edges, providing shadows. The exact origin of the Mexican straw hat is not known, but it is generally believed that the hat originated from Mestizo cowboys in central Mexico. Although straw hats are often used to refer to traditional Mexican headwear, the term "straw hat" predates this kind of clothing and has been and has been applied to a variety of different hat styles because it is the actual meaning of "hat" in Spanish. Other types of hats called straw hats can be found in South America and Spain, including straw hats, straw hats and cat hats (Spain), straw hats (Colombia).