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Flip flops are sandals, usually in the form of casual wear. They are composed of a flat sole which is loosely fixed to the foot by a y-belt, which is called toe thong, and which passes between the first and second toes and both sides of the foot.

This style of shoes has been worn by people of many cultures in the world. It originated from the ancient Egyptians in 1500 BC. Modern trigger from Japan? RI, Japan's Z? RI became popular after World War II, when soldiers returning to the United States brought them back to Japan. They have been popular summer shoes for men and women since the 1960s.

The design of modern flip flops is very simple, consisting of a thin rubber base and two y-belts. The gap between the side of the foot and the big toe and the next toe is Y-shaped. Although high-heeled shoes and flip flops designed for sports can be used, they are usually not tied on the heel, with the common support of sneakers and thong between toes. Most modern triggers are cheap, with prices as low as $5 or even lower in some parts of the world.

They are made of many materials, just like the ancient thong sandals. Modern sandals are made of more modern materials, such as rubber, foam, plastic, leather, suede and even fabric. Polyurethane thong has aroused some environmental concerns. Because polyurethane is No. 7 resin, it is not easy to discard and can be kept in landfill for a long time. To solve these problems, some companies have begun to sell flip flops made of recycled rubber, such as used bicycle tires or even flip flops made of marijuana, and some have provided recycling plans for old flip flops.

Because of the straps between the toes, socks and slippers are not usually worn. However, in cold weather, some people will wear toe socks and slippers. Japanese usually wear socks, a kind of sock with slot, and Z? ri。