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Leather jacket

Leather jacket is a jacket long coat, usually worn on other clothes or clothes, and made of tanned leather of various animals. Leather materials are usually dyed black or various shades of brown, but there may be many colors. Leather jackets can be designed for a variety of uses, and specific styles have been associated with subcultures, such as grease, country people, cowboys, motorcyclists, military pilots, rogues, police, agents and music subcultures (punk, Gothic, metal heads, rivet heads), people who wear clothes for protection or fashion reasons, occasionally creating potentially intimidating looks. Since the idea was put forward by hellangel in 1975, the national leather jacket Festival has been held every June 14.

Most modern leather jackets are made in Pakistan, India, Canada, Mexico, and the United States using the remaining leather from the meat industry. Fabrics that mimic leather (such as polyurethane or PVC) can be based on real animal leather (such as the demand of vegetarians) or for economic reasons, because synthetic fibers are cheaper than real leather and can be used as a substitute for leather.

In the early 1900s, pilots and soldiers wore brown leather flight jackets. Chapal invented the first A1 modern leather jackets in 1925. During the Second World War, these clothes were known as "bomber jackets" and were strictly insulated and valued for their warmth. Jackets are usually part of the overall uniform collection, designed to protect bomber pilots from the extreme weather conditions found at high altitude, and often use sheepskin, as well as the complete interior wool to keep warm.

Bolsheviks in Russia usually wear leather jackets, which became members' quasi uniforms during the Russian Civil War and later the Cheka's Quasi uniforms. It is said that Yakov sverdlov initiated this practice.

Antelope, deerskin, sheepskin, sheepskin and cowhide are the most commonly used hides for leather jackets. Once the skin is removed from the animal in the meat processing plant, it is refrigerated, salted or placed in a salt bucket. It is then sent to a tannery where the leather undergoes a series of processes designed to protect and soften the raw skin. Sewing materials, such as threads, linings, seams, buttons, buttons and zippers, are usually purchased from outside suppliers and stored in garment factories.

There are more examples of iconic leather jackets worn in popular culture, such as Schott perfecto in the Terminator movie's T-800 character, and the ¾ trench jacket worn by action heroes like Steven Seagal and Keanu Reeves. And Lawrence Fishburn in the matrix movie, or Richard Gibson's TV sitcom "allo'allo!" Herr Otto flick in.

Another example is the leather jacket Brad Pitt wears in a fight club, with his rival Tyler Durden constantly changing his red leather jacket. Other famous leather jacket icons include leather jackets worn by Panthers in the 1960s and 1970s, Ramones who made punk subculture popular, members of heavy metal subculture, etc.

In most popular cultural examples, people wear jackets to create images that are intimidating and can be violent or rebellious. The tan leather jacket is particularly popular with Brit pop and indie's musical image and culture, and is known as Kelly Jones of Stereophonics and others. Punk culture also "shakes" accessories such as leather jacket chains, studs, cuts and sketch designs. Many "metal heads" have the look of Judas prime (black leather jackets, black leather pants, chains and many metal studs).