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Gloves (ancient English is middle English) are clothes that cover the whole hand. Each finger and thumb of a glove has a separate sheath or opening; if each finger has an opening but no (or shorter) covering sleeve, it is called a fingerless glove. Sometimes Fingerless Gloves with a large opening instead of a single opening for each finger are called hand protectors, although hand protectors are not necessarily Fingerless. Gloves that cover the entire hand or fist without a separate finger opening or sheath are called mittens. Gloves are warmer than other styles of gloves made of the same material because they keep fingers warm better when they touch each other. The reduced surface area reduces the heat loss.

The mixture of gloves and gloves comprises an open sheath for four fingers (e.g. in a fingerless glove, but not in a thumb) and an additional compartment for four fingers. The compartment can be lifted and folded back from the fingers, so that the fingers can be easily moved and operated in a covered state. The usual design is to sew the glove cavity on the back of the fingerless glove and turn it upside down (usually held by Velcro or button) to change clothes from gloves to gloves. These hybrids are called convertible gloves or gloves, a combination of "gloves" and "gloves.".

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