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A tie (or tie for short) is a long cloth, used for decorative purposes, around the neck, under the collar of a shirt and tied at the throat.

Variants include Ascot ties, bow ties, Polo ties, zip ties, bow ties and clip on ties. Modern tie, Ascot and bow tie all come from bow tie. Ties are usually not available in size, but may be larger. In some cultures, boys and boys wear neckties when they dress or dress in the office. Some women dress well, but usually not as well as men. Ties can also be worn as part of a uniform (e.g., military, school, waiter), while some people choose to wear them as a daily dress. Traditionally, a tie is worn with the buttons on the top buttoned up, and the tie knot is tied between the neckline. In young men, ties are sometimes worn around the neck as leisure items, loosely tied to them, while the buttons on the tops are not fastened.

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