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Boots are a kind of shoes, a specific type of shoes. Most boots cover the feet and ankles, while some cover the lower leg. Some boots extend along the legs, sometimes even to the knees and even the hips. The heel of most boots can be distinguished from the rest of the sole, even if the two are one-piece. Traditionally, boots are made of leather or rubber. They are made of many materials. Wear boots as well as functional – to protect feet and legs from water, extreme cold, mud or danger (e.g. work boots may protect the wearer from chemicals or use of steel toes) or to provide extra ankle support for strenuous exercise and increase traction (e.g. hiking) – and for style and fashion reasons.

In some cases, boots may be required by law or regulations, such as those in some jurisdictions that require workers at construction sites to wear steel toed safety boots. Some uniforms include boots as regulated footwear. Motorcycle riders are also advised to wear boots. High top sneakers are not usually considered boots, even if they do cover the ankle, mainly because there is no obvious heel. In the UK, the term can be used to refer to football (football) cleats.

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