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Safety pin

The safety pin is a variant of the common pin, which includes a simple spring mechanism and a retaining ring. The buckle has two functions: to form a closed ring, so as to correctly fix the pin on any applied object, and cover the end of the pin to protect the user from sharp influence.

Safety pins are usually used to hold cloth or clothing together. Safety pins, or, more often, special versions with extra condoms, called diaper pins, are widely used to secure diapers, because safety buckles protect babies from stabbing while maintaining the risk of swallowing. Also, they can be used to repair damaged or damaged clothing. Safety pins can also be used as accessories for jewelry, such as earrings, chains and wristbands. Sometimes they are used to patch embroidery. Dimension 3 is usually used for sewing and can be marked "quil stitches" for purchase. Sizes 4 and larger may be referred to as "blanket pins" and, depending on design and appearance, can be used as Scottish skirt pins for informal dresses.