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A pullover or Sweatshirt (in British English) or sweater (in American English) is a garment used to cover the torso and arms. Jumper is a pullover or cardigan, the difference is that the cardigan is open in front, while the pullover is not. Some British dictionaries use cardigans as a jumper, while others do not; in the latter case, no top equates to a pullover or cardigan sweater.

Both men and women, adults and children, wear sweaters; usually on shirts, shirts, T-shirts or other tops, but sometimes next to the skin. Sweaters are traditionally made of wool, but now they can be made of cotton, synthetic fiber or any combination of them. Sweaters can be maintained by washing or dry cleaning and by using a lint free roller or pill razor.

The term "sweater" refers to all kinds of knitted clothing. Although the term usually refers to a pullover, it can also refer to a cardigan, that is, a garment that is opened and fixed to the front. In both groups, there are various designs. Although V-neck, high neck and round neck are the most popular, various necklines have been found. The lower cycloid is usually at the height of the hip or slightly longer, only overlapping the waist of the pants or skirt, but it changes a lot. It may range from below the bust to the mid thigh of the gender, or even longer in a poncho shirt style knit variant. Sleeves can also vary in length, from full length or three quarters to short, cap or sleeveless. The front seam or opening of a cardigan allows other styles, such as a cropped or blouse. All hems can have various types of borders, such as pique, rib and trim.

Knitted fabrics usually have a certain elasticity, and the hand feel (hand feel or drape) is better than woven fabrics. Tight or soft draped sweaters can fit the body well without necessary cutting and bloody in woven clothing such as darts and flares. Even with this forming method, it can be woven into the fabric itself without seams.

Another type is sweater vest.