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Cowboy hat

Cowboy hat is a high top wide brim hat, the most famous is as a North American cowboy's iconic dress. Influenced by Mexican culture in the 19th century, today it has been worn by many people, especially ranchers in the western and southern United States, western Canada and northern Mexico, country singers and ranchero singers in Mexico, and participants in the North American cowboy arena. It is recognized as part of the old Western legend. The wearer often modifies the shape of the crown and brim of the cowboy hat to achieve the purpose of fashion and weatherproof.

It's a garment that can be worn anywhere in the world and instantly recognized as part of North American cowboy culture.

The first Western models were the "plain boss" with open top, then the crumpled karlsbard, destined to become a "cowboy" style. The high top, wide brim and soft Western hat are closely related to the cowboy image.

Modern cowboy hats are made of felt made of fur, straw or leather. They are sold with tall round crowns and wide flat brims. A simple sweat band is arranged on the inner side of the crown to stabilize the fit of the head, and a small decorative hat band is arranged on the outer side of the crown. The hat is custom made with a ruffled crown and flanging. Usually will increase the decorative hat belt. In some places, there are also "capped strings" or "wind strings". Hats can be made in almost any color, but the most common are beige, brown and black. Since the 1940s, soft colors have become popular, often seen on hats worn by movie cowboys and Rodeo competitors. "Since the invention of the first cowboy hat by J.B. Stetson in 1865, the structure and design of today's cowboy hat have remained unchanged."