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Bowler hat

The bowler hat, also known as Billy cork, Bob's hat, bomb hat or Derby (USA), is a hard felt hat with a round crown, originally made by London hat manufacturers Thomas and William bowler in 1849. Wear semi formal and informal clothing. The bowler hat is a kind of protective and durable hat, which was welcomed by the British, Irish and American working class in the second half of the 19th century, and later prevailed in the middle and upper class of Britain, Ireland and the east coast.

The bowler hat is said to have been designed by London hat makers Thomas and William bowler in 1849 to fulfill an order placed by St James's Hatter James lock & Co., which was commissioned by the client. A close fitting, low top hat protects the gamekeeper from the drooping branches, while also riding in Holkham hall, the estate of Thomas Coca Cola, the first Earl of Leicester, Norfolk (seventh work). The breeder used to wear a hat and it was easy to take them off and damage them. The identity of the client is uncertain. Many people think it's William Coca Cola. However, research conducted by the first Earl's family's young relationship has cast doubt on the story, and it is now believed that the hat was invented for Edward coco, the younger brother of Thomas Coca Cola, the second Earl of Leicester. It is reported that when Edward Coca Cola arrived in London on December 17, 1849 to collect hats, he put them on the floor and forced them to cover them twice to test their strength. The hat stood the test, and Coca Cola paid 12 shillings for it.