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Gaiters are several types of leg sets. Since the 1960s, modern usage has referred to tight elastic clothing, such as warm pants or tights, that women usually wear on their legs. Used since the 18th century to refer to men's clothing, usually made of cloth or leather, wound around the legs all the way to the ankles. In the 19th century, leggings were commonly used to refer to baby leg clothing that went with jackets, and leg wraps made of leather or wool worn by soldiers and catchers. Leggings stand out from the dancers' suits and return to women's fashion in the 1960s. With the wide use of lycra and the popularity of aerobic sports, leggings became more prominent in the 1970s and 1980s, and eventually became street clothes. Leggings are part of the trend of leisure sports in the late 2010's, which is to wear sportswear in sports activities and leisure occasions, which has become a controversial social norm in the United States.

Throughout the century, men and women have been wearing Leggings of various forms and names to keep warm and protect themselves. From the 13th to the 16th century (Renaissance) in Europe, men's individual water bands were a form of leggings, as were the twigs of the Scottish Highlands. Some Native Americans wore separate buckskin leather leggings. These are used by some long hunters, French fur catchers and later mountain people. They are the story of James Fenimore Cooper's leather socks. Deerskin is mostly dark gray brain brown, rather than the bright, shiny vegetable tanned leather commonly used today.

Cowboys wear deerskin Shinguards to prevent riding, wear and tear of pants, and CH cracks caused by bites of snakes, insects in bushes (such as animals).

In many places, especially in colder countries such as Russia and South Korea, men and women continue to wear wool Leggings in modern times, often as an additional layer of warmth.

In the middle of the 19th century, linen shorts worn by girls and women under linen were also a form of leggings, initially two separate garments. Leggings became part of fashion in the 1960s because pants are similar to Capri pants, but more tight.

Tights in the form of tight pants, tight version of the pants, to the middle of the calf or the length close to the ankle, became a female fashion in the 1960s, and wore a large belt or belt, and high-heeled shoes or ballet flats. [citation required]

Leggings made of a nylon lycra blend (usually 90% nylon, 10% Lycra) are worn for a long time during exercise. Nylon Lycra Leggings are often called bikes or tights and have a brighter look than cotton. Some have racing stripes or reflective graphics to further differentiate them into sportswear and provide additional security. However, since the 1980s, sports style bottoms have also been worn, both fashionable and on the street.

Leggings made of cotton Lycra or cotton polyester Lycra are usually fashionable, but can also be worn as sportswear. There are many colors, patterns and designs for the cotton Leica Leggings; however, black, navy blue and various shades of gray are still the most commonly used clothes.

Wearing black leggings under usually transparent long skirts is part of the general fashion trend of wearing fitness suits or dancing suits, because street clothes develop with the fitness craze and are influenced by the movie flash dance and long-term Broadway performance chorus. The latest trend is to wear black pants with miniskirts.

By the early 1990s, leggings had actually surpassed jeans in many parts of the United States. [citation] Leggings in oversized T-shirts, oversized sweatshirts or oversized sweaters, loose socks and keds are common for girls from early childhood to college age. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, fashion shifted to tights for a short time.

In 2005, leggings became popular again, especially in independent culture, with long sleeve Leggings worn with miniskirts and dresses. As a result, leggings are now also popular with oversized long coats, denim miniskirts, plaid skirts, skirts and shorts. Leggings should also be worn under Sports Shorts (such as Nike tempo shorts), especially in cold weather. Leggings also have long sleeves and short bikes. Bike skirts are very popular. They are fashionable when wearing sportswear shorts, skirts and skirts. Don't show them too much.

The society has been debating whether Leggings are their own clothes, can be worn without covering, or can only be worn with other items covering them (such as skirts, dresses or shorts). In a 2016 poll of readers of glamour magazine, 61% thought Leggings should only be worn as accessories, while an article in good house keeping concluded that "... Pants - as long as they are opaque and do not show underwear."

In many cases, people wear leggings as pants, but they are restricted or criticized due to their behavior. In 2013, schools in Sonoma County, California banned students from wearing outerwear, and in 2015, a school in Massachusetts banned it. Schools in Oklahoma, Illinois and North Carolina have implemented or recommended similar dress codes. A Montana state lawmaker introduced a bill in 2015 to ban leggings and yoga pants.

In March 2017, three children with boarding passes were banned from boarding United Airlines Flights by the boarding crew, who decided that Leggings were inappropriate. United defended its position, while rival delta said on twitter that its flights were wearing leggings. Manchester United said in a statement that it would not ban ordinary female passengers from boarding with leggings. Although some public figures, including actress Patricia Arquette and model Chrissy Teigen, have been critical of the decision by United Airlines, a campaign by airfarewatchdog aimed at 1, A survey of 800 passengers found that 80% of their respondents supported the airline's decision to ban "inappropriate clothing," although the term was not defined in the poll.

The restrictions on wearing Leggings sometimes have to do with Slut shame or physical shame, critics say "... We can't wear leggings because it's so distracting for boys, and it gives us the impression that we should be aware of what men do."