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Women shoes

Shoes are a kind of footwear items, which are designed to protect and comfort people's feet when the wearer carries out various activities. Shoes are also used as decorations and fashion items. The design of shoes has changed greatly with the passage of time and the difference of culture. The appearance is initially related to the function. In addition, fashion usually determines many design elements, such as whether shoes are high heels or flat heels. The contemporary footwear of the 2010's is very different in style, complexity and cost. Basic sandals may consist only of a thin bottom and a simple strap and are sold at a low cost. Haute Couture shoes made by famous designers may be made of expensive materials, using complex structures, and each pair costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Some shoes are designed for specific purposes, such as boots specially designed for mountaineering or skiing.

Traditionally, shoes are made of leather, wood or canvas, but in the 2010's, they were increasingly made of rubber, plastic and other petrochemical materials. Although human feet adapt to various terrain and climate conditions, they are still vulnerable to environmental hazards, such as sharp rocks and hot ground, which can be prevented by shoes. Some shoes are used as safety equipment, such as steel soled boots for construction sites.