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Whip is a tool traditionally designed to strike animals or people. It can strike animals or other people through obedience or fear, or control animals or other people, although in some activities, the whip can be used without pain, such as additional pressure assistance or visual directional cues in equestrian. There are usually two types of whips, one is a strong stick designed for direct contact, and the other is a soft whip that requires effective swing. This kind of whip requires effective swing, but the force is longer, the force is greater, but the accuracy may be lower. There are also whips, such as strong sticks (stock or handles) and flexible threads (eyelashes or thongs), such as hunting whips.

Although whips such as "whip nine tails" and "knot whip" are specially designed for whipping, most of them are designed for animals, which is a means of imposing corporal punishment or torture on human targets. Some religious practices and sexual abuse activities involve the use of whips by oneself or between consenting objects. Cruelty to animals can be regarded as cruelty to animals, and cruelty to humans can be regarded as attack.

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